NOTE: This is the TestCases web. You cannot edit any topic named "TestCase..." or "Web..." in this web, you can only create new topics. Any topics you do create that are not checked into subversion may be deleted by anyone, at any time.

TestCases Web

If you are here, you want to test this version of TWiki. This web is held in the TWiki Subversion repository, so:

  1. You must manually ensure that all topics in this web are readable and writable by the apache user
  2. New topics must be manually added to the Subversion repository.
    • Only check in .txt files. You must not check in ,v files. Topic histories will be maintained in Subversion.
  3. If you use TWiki to edit topics (recommended) you must:
    • Fix the META:TOPICINFO of all topics in this web so that the author is TWikiContributor and the version is the SVN keyword $Rev$. The tools/fixtopicmeta script is a handy utility to fix the meta data.
    • Remove all ctrl+M's before checking in.

The integration testcases are an important assistant to TWiki testing. However they should not be regarded as the only required testing; manual testing, by a user interacting with TWiki, is also key, as are unit tests.

Integration testcases are of two kinds; manual, and automatic. Automatic testcases are strongly preferred.

Each integration testcase consists of a single topic, always named TestCaseSomething where Something is descriptive of the testcase. For example, TestCaseAmISane. If Something starts with Auto then the topic is assumed to be an automatic testcases and it is automatically added to the table below with a run link e.g. TestCaseAutoFormatting

All testcase topics should contain a line starting with Description: that describes what the testcase does, for the table below. It's also convention to credit the designer(s) of the testcase, on a line starting Designed by: .

Other topics may be created to provide test fixtures, but all checked-in topics in this web should be regarded as read-only i.e. no test should require the overwriting of any of the checked-in topics. If you need to create topics in order to execute a test, please do so, but delete them after you are finished to avoid any risk of polluting future tests.

Manual testcases simply document a series of steps that have to be performed to execute the test, sometimes with links in to help the process (for an example see TestCaseAmISane).

Automatic testcases are designed for testing TWiki rendering. They can be visited and manually checked just like manual testcases, but also include markers that indicate to the TestFixturePlugin what is expected output versus what TWiki actually produces. See TestFixturePlugin for details, and view TestCaseAutoFormatting raw for a good example. Automatic testcase topics should also contain a link that allows the testcase to be run: [[%SCRIPTURL%/view%SCRIPTSUFFIX%/%WEB%/%TOPIC%?test=compare&debugenableplugins=TestFixturePlugin&skin=pattern][run this test]]

Automatic testcases may be run by clicking on the run link for the testcase in the table below. The testcases are run with no plugins enabled.

Plugins do not ship with test cases in the TestCases web. It is possible to create a test case topic in the TWiki web (and thus ship it with a plugin for manual testing), and include that in an TestCases topic. For example the TestCaseAutoSpreadSheetPlugin topic includes the test cases from TWiki.SpreadSheetPluginTestCases.

HELP A good tip is to right-click each run link and open in a new tab. That way you can run a whole bunch of testcases quickly without having to wait for each to finish loading.

Testcase Description Tests
TestCaseAutoAttributeParsing ensure attribute parsing provides expected outcome run
TestCaseAutoCategoryTable1 Test for category table and attachment upgrading run
TestCaseAutoCategoryTable2 Test for category table and attachment upgrading from 1.0beta run
TestCaseAutoEmphasis ensure emphases work correctly in different contexts run
TestCaseAutoFormattedSearch Automated formatted search tests. run
TestCaseAutoFormatting Simple formatting, as described in TextFormattingRules run
TestCaseAutoInOutPre check the behaviour of the inside and outside PRE handlers run
TestCaseAutoIncludeAttachment Tests for inclusion of attachments run
TestCaseAutoIncludeSubWebTopic include a topic from a subweb run
TestCaseAutoIncludes Check for the correct detection and handling of recursive and repeated includes run
TestCaseAutoInternalTags Tag tests that can be automated run
TestCaseAutoInterwikiPlugin Basic tests for Interwiki plugin run
TestCaseAutoMetaSearch tests for METASEARCH tags run
TestCaseAutoNestedVerbatim verbatim tags should be nestable to at least two levels. run
TestCaseAutoRegionTags testcases for TWiki extension tags verbatim, noautolink and pre run
TestCaseAutoSearch Automated search function tests. Results dependent on templates used to render search results. Tests only make sense when this topic is viewed with `pattern... run
TestCaseAutoSearchSort Tests for the "sort" parameter in SEARCH. run
TestCaseAutoSearchWithInternalTag Tags embedded in the format option must expand correcly run
TestCaseAutoSpreadSheetPlugin Test SpreadSheetPlugin functions run
TestCaseAutoTOC tests for TOCs included from other topics and with funny deprecated syntaxes. run
TestCaseAutoTableInclude Testcase covers Bugs:Item4439. Companion topics IncludeTableAttachment and IncludeTableNoAttachment also required. run
TestCaseAutoUnexpandedTagsInSearchResults Search results can contain tags. These tags must be correctly expanded in the output. run
TestCaseAutoVariableNames Testing the rules for variable names by mixing upper case, lower case, numerical and special characters. run
TestCaseAmISane Manual trivial fast sanity checks for script functions. Do them in order, from the top down, as the save tests rely on eachother. manual
TestCaseCreateNewTopicWithTemplate Verify the correct creation of a topic from a template. manual
TestCaseCreateNewTopicWithTemplateWithUrlParam Verify the correct creation of a topic from a template, where URL params are used to populate the text in the new topic. manual
TestCaseDifferentSkin Visual inspection tests for different skins. manual
TestCaseEmbeddedTags Tests for handling embedded tag parameters manual
TestCaseEmptyGroupTreatedAsNoGroup testcase for the bug reported as TWiki:Codev/InvalidALLOWWEBVIEWTreatedAsEmpty manual
TestCaseIncludedVerbatim   manual
TestCaseIncludedVerbatimData   manual
TestCaseInternalTags Test cases for internal tags NOT INCLUDING URLPARAM, SEARCH OR METASEARCH manual
TestCaseInternetRegistration Intranet Registration manual tests manual
TestCaseIntranetRegistration Intranet Registration manual tests manual
TestCaseJavaScriptAffectedStyles Verify CSS styles that are affected by javascript: twikiMakeVisible, twikiMakeVisibleInline, twikiMakeVisibleBlock, twikiMakeHidden manual
TestCaseOopsAccessDenied Load message templates for review manual
TestCaseOopsAlerts Load message templates for review manual
TestCaseOopsAttention Load message templates for review manual
TestCaseOopsLeaseConflict Load message templates for review manual
TestCasePageValidation A list of templates, with automatic testing on the W3C validation service - page will take long to load! manual
TestCasePluginsTags Plugins management tags manual
TestCaseRestTest Verify that the rest script is working properly manual
TestCaseSaveContentWithoutEdit Verify the proper creation or revision of a topic without going through edit, along with the proper handling of URL params in the following cases: manual
TestCaseSectionalInclude Verify that TWiki:Codev.NamedSectionalincludes are working manual
TestCaseSectionalView Verify that TWiki:Codev.AddSectionParam is working manual
TestCaseSpacedWikiWordPlugin visual test output from SpacedWikiWordPlugin. manual
TestCaseTWikiJavascripts   manual
TestCaseTablePlugin   manual
TestCaseTemplate a brief description of the testcase manual
TestCaseTemplatedTopic Manual test to check creation of topics with a template topic. manual
TestCaseTopicListTag Test for TOPICLIST - rather huge, so in a topic on it's own manual
TestCaseWebListTag Tests for WEBLIST tag manual
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