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Id Summary Applies To Priority Current State Last Edit Waiting For
Item7944 German translation with a lot of updates and changes. Fixes warning: Use of uninitialized value in join or string at (eval 204) line 2 and problems with user registration mails Engine Normal New 2024-02-22 - 11:48  
Item7943 TWiki Backup & Restore Console: "Create backup now" doesn't work (will not finsh) Engine Normal New 2024-02-22 - 11:10  
Item7942 viewfile: Odd number of elements in hash assignment at /srv/www/twiki6/lib/CGI/Util.pm line 117. Engine Normal New 2024-02-22 - 10:24  
Item7941 TWikiSheetPlugin installer fails Extension TWikiSheetPlugin Normal New 2023-11-17 - 08:45  
Item7940 TWiki complains about RCS version 5.10 a being too old (at least 5.7 expected) Engine configure Normal New 2023-09-29 - 16:29  
Item7939 Escape HTML in TWiki Registration Engine Normal Confirmed 2023-07-02 - 22:11  
Item7937 $regex{anchorRegex} not defined correctly Engine Normal Being Worked On 2023-01-10 - 01:30  
Item7938 $result[-1] is undefined and not checked Extension WysiwygPlugin Normal New 2021-12-30 - 01:34  
Item7936 Image extensions is hard coded as gif jpg jpeg png only Engine Engine Normal Being Worked On 2021-12-09 - 00:47  
Item7935 Implementing checkAccessPermissionHandler Engine Normal Being Worked On 2021-12-06 - 06:06  
Item7932 missing \n at the end of the file when saving a new topic Engine Save Normal New 2021-08-11 - 23:00  
Item7930 Bug in MANIFEST preventing plugin upgrade Extension TinyMCEPlugin Normal Being Worked On 2021-06-09 - 20:03  
Item7928 TWiki::Form::Checkbox::renderForEdit() has a style hard-coded Engine Normal New 2021-04-06 - 01:17  
Item7922 Invalidate Session on Password Change Engine Normal Confirmed 2020-11-16 - 04:06  
Item7917 Topic PatternSkinColorSetting push button "Update the CSS file for this page now" broken Extension PatternSkin Normal New 2020-10-21 - 16:58  
Item7912 I18N: Raw view with UTF-8 charset mangles form field text Engine Normal Confirmed 2020-09-17 - 08:41  
Item7872 npm reports many security vulnerabilities for packages in twiki/pub/TWiki/TWikiSheetPlugin/ruleJS Engine Normal New 2019-12-03 - 13:18  
Item7869 Headings ending with fixed text markup is garbled Engine Normal New 2019-10-02 - 06:50  
Item7857 TOC odd behavior with headers containing "!" Engine TOC Normal New 2018-11-27 - 13:52  
Item7856 Issue with view menu in topmenu. Some wrong links Engine topmenu Normal New 2018-11-12 - 10:09  
Item7809 Sanitize code Engine Search Normal Being Worked On 2018-07-17 - 08:11  
Item7430 DONTNOTIFYCHECKBOX no longer works Extension PatternSkin Normal Confirmed 2017-12-21 - 23:38  
Item6739 Using MapIP2SID causes Perl "Can't locate" error Engine (unknown) Normal New 2017-12-21 - 23:37  
Item7429 TablePlugin crash on sort Extension TablePlugin Normal Confirmed 2017-12-19 - 12:27  
Item7806 TagMePlugin sets unexpected "create" link in subwebs Extension TagMePlugin Normal New 2017-04-27 - 17:27  
Item7807 TagMePlugin incorrectly uses global view link in split web configuration Extension TagMePlugin Normal New 2017-04-27 - 17:02  
Item7805 TagMePlugin support missing in _default Engine TagMePlugin Normal New 2017-04-27 - 16:23  
Item7802 WYSIWYG Editor breaks div with variable embedded Engine Normal New 2017-04-21 - 07:43  
Item7801 Avoid adding web qualifier to parent topic on move or copy Engine Normal New 2017-04-21 - 07:43  
Item7795 TOPICTITLE does not properly pick up TITLE preference setting Engine Normal New 2017-04-04 - 00:28  
Item7792 Documentation for rename script does not mention referring_topics parameter Engine Documentation Normal New 2017-04-03 - 17:02  
Item7789 Man page for VarWEBLIST does not describe exclude parameter Engine Documentation Normal New 2017-04-02 - 00:08  
Item7785 Cannot sort SEARCH results by TOPICTITLE Engine Normal New 2017-03-30 - 01:14  
Item7776 MAKETEXT mis-renders mailto links within strong tags Engine Normal Confirmed 2017-03-29 - 19:04  
Item7780 Don't overwrite _default web on upgrade Engine Normal New 2017-03-29 - 18:50  
Item7782 When a Topic is Copied, the Parent still points back to the original web Engine Normal New 2017-03-25 - 22:49  
Item7781 Do not re-require configure password unless after idle Engine Normal New 2017-03-25 - 16:57  
Item7777 Cannot easily hide left bar again in TopMenu skin Extension TopMenuSkin Normal New 2017-03-20 - 01:56  
Item7744 Preferences not read from template topics such as WebTopicViewTemplate Engine TWiki/UI.pm Normal New 2016-06-07 - 10:08  
Item7741 CgiContrib requiring Perl 5.10 or higher Engine Normal New 2016-04-19 - 04:03  
Item7709 The default {AccesibleENV} in lib/TWiki.spec is too strict Engine Configuration Normal Confirmed 2016-01-11 - 02:39  
Item7618 SlideShow slides print across page boundaries Extension SlideShowPlugin Normal New 2015-02-25 - 22:45  
Item7614 Test new CGI-4.13_02 Engine Normal New 2015-02-24 - 23:33  
Item7606 MustChangePasswordAfterReset does not work properly with Apache Authentication Engine Authentication Normal New 2015-01-13 - 22:55  
Item7597 Watching all new topics in a web adds user comments in watchlist topic Extension WatchlistPlugin Normal New 2014-12-10 - 17:41  
Item7589 A table may get unrendered Engine Normal New 2014-11-18 - 01:58  
Item7582 Request Url from cfg script paths Engine Request.pm Normal New 2014-10-24 - 21:37  
Item7551 WYSIWYG editor strips label from anchor link Extension TinyMCEPlugin Normal New 2014-09-18 - 07:24  
Item7549 Need better docs on I18N configuration, especially for WYSIWYG editor Engine Documentation Normal New 2014-09-04 - 22:51  
Item7523 Unit tests: EmptyTests fails; ManagingWebs can't take TWiki as template web Engine Normal New 2014-06-22 - 19:09  
Item7457 Twitter ID support interferes with style syntax Engine Normal Confirmed 2014-06-17 - 22:25  
Item7485 installing extensions in configure installs files twice, resulting in unnecessary .bak files Engine Configuration Normal New 2014-04-17 - 00:09  
Item7481 Admin should be able to add new users even if EnableNewUserRegistration is off Engine Normal New 2014-04-05 - 21:59  
Item7480 Deprecate nowysiwyg and make edit script aware of EDITMETHOD Engine Normal New 2014-04-04 - 06:54  
Item7471 EDITPREFERENCES Cannot be Used in Verbatim Engine Normal New 2014-03-26 - 21:22  
Item7454 Upgrade fails with error Extension TinyMCEPlugin Normal Confirmed 2014-03-17 - 18:16  
Item7460 Configure should be more obvious about sanity defects Engine Normal New 2014-03-15 - 06:09  
Item7459 GROUPS variable does not report on DESCRIPTION field Engine VarGROUPS Normal New 2014-03-14 - 23:55  
Item7458 Public vs private webs Engine Normal New 2014-03-14 - 05:41  
Item7453 Attachment metadata access too expensive; mtime not otherwise accessible Engine Normal New 2014-03-10 - 19:01  
Item7447 User registration email: login as 0 Engine Normal New 2014-03-06 - 20:24  
Item7434 Uninitialized variable verifying crypttoken Engine UIDotPm Normal Being Worked On 2014-02-11 - 22:06  
Item7432 Attachment table displays incorrect icon Engine AttachDotPm Normal Being Worked On 2014-02-11 - 21:44  
Item7426 EDITTABLE's checkbox type adds blank before comma separator Extension EditTablePlugin Normal Confirmed 2014-01-31 - 00:02  
Item7423 I18n/site-compliant Dates are impossible in TML and external processes Engine TWiki::Time Normal New 2014-01-29 - 16:35  
Item7414 Reduce configure password requests - remember me until I leave or time out Engine Normal Confirmed 2014-01-21 - 18:53  
Item7412 Customized Comment templatetopics fail in subwebs Extension CommentPlugin Normal New 2014-01-17 - 23:17  
Item7408 WatchlistPlugin Internationalization incomplete & other divots Extension WatchlistPlugin Normal New 2014-01-15 - 21:53  
Item7381 rdiff in 5.1.4 does not give expected results Engine Normal New 2013-11-15 - 21:36  
Item7382 TinyMCE edit produces span data-mce-mark="1" Extension TinyMCEPlugin Normal Confirmed 2013-11-14 - 18:47  
Item6328 Unable to create new users when passwordManager is set to None and write access to Main web is restricted. Engine Normal New 2013-11-08 - 01:43  
Item6140 Table attributes lost on save Extension WysiwygPlugin Normal Confirmed 2013-11-08 - 01:42  
Item5437 UTF-8 fixes for TWiki 5.0 (was 4.2 but deferred) Engine I18N Normal Confirmed 2013-11-08 - 01:41  
Item5926 Topics with Chinese in UTF8 destroys page view in Internet Explorer Engine Normal Confirmed 2013-11-08 - 01:41  
Item5955 WysiwygPlugin failes to roundtrip tables that are created with align center Extension WysiwygPlugin Normal Confirmed 2013-11-08 - 01:40  
Item7372 Sanitize e-mail address Extension TWikiUserMappingContrib Normal Confirmed 2013-10-16 - 08:57  
Item7181 Support PAGETITLE Macro in stock template Engine Normal New 2013-10-13 - 07:08  
Item7363 Give subwebs first-class URL behavior Engine Normal Confirmed 2013-10-11 - 21:56  
Item6776 WYSIWYG initial UNDO reveals TML Engine WysiwygPlugin Normal Confirmed 2013-10-02 - 22:55  
Item5103 TMCE replaces non-breaking space with normal space Extension TinyMCEPlugin Normal Confirmed 2013-10-02 - 21:29  
Item6179 WYSIWYG editors destroys TWiki tables containing HTML entity for vertical bar Engine Normal Confirmed 2013-10-02 - 08:55  
Item7357 JQueryPlugin causes nonexistent file loading on Google Chrome Extension JQueryPlugin Normal New 2013-10-02 - 00:26  
Item6477 Follow-up on access control of configure script: Better usability after 5.0.0 Engine configure Normal Confirmed 2013-09-29 - 08:40  
Item6810 WYSIWYG monospace button fails in ''s Extension WysiwygPlugin Normal Confirmed 2013-09-28 - 20:30  
Item7347 A blank line inserted before %ATTACHLINK%/file.ext on a WYSIWYG edit page Extension TinyMCEPlugin Normal New 2013-09-17 - 08:30  
Item7314 Rename/Move of a parent topic with a non-WikiWord name breaks parent-child linkage Engine Manage Normal New 2013-08-30 - 06:32  
Item7311 New Users added to TWikiUsers topic under 'G' Engine Registration Normal New 2013-08-15 - 22:35  
Item7304 Renaming "WebHome" topic causes hierarchical change of the entire TWiki website Engine Rename Topic Normal New 2013-07-22 - 08:13  
Item7294 META:TOPICPARENT parsing overly picky Engine Normal New 2013-07-12 - 03:20  
Item7281 The "More Topic Options"->Edit ACLs doesn't write to Preference Settings UNLESS %TOPICPERMISSIONS" is included in topic. Engine ACL Normal New 2013-06-18 - 01:30  
Item7276 Group management made difficult with no "more topic actions" link Engine Normal New 2013-06-05 - 01:59  
Item7270 Embedded CSS cannot handle tabs Engine Normal New 2013-05-29 - 00:27  
Item7254 WikiWords on the right-hand side of the double brackets are sometimes expanded Engine Normal New 2013-05-10 - 19:09  
Item7210 Edit Button for Web/Topic does not repond to Left Button on Mouse in Windows 7 for editing of content Extension TinyMCEPlugin Normal New 2013-04-03 - 06:36  
Item7192 Create New Topic button ignores user setting of EDITMETHOD Engine Normal New 2013-03-15 - 05:07  
Item7189 Raw/WYS Edit specification missing in edit script Engine Documentation Normal New 2013-03-15 - 04:59  
Item7183 All Newlines in template topic removed under IE on Windows Vista Engine Normal New 2013-03-12 - 00:24  
Item7182 Unexpected param presentation in Oops alert Engine Normal New 2013-03-12 - 00:09  
Item7178 After Wiki password reset you're locked on the "Password reset page" Engine Core Normal New 2013-03-10 - 23:14  
Item7158 New User page doesn't copy email address from UnprocessedRegistrations Engine User Registration Normal New 2013-03-05 - 21:02  
Item6082 deep recursion bug in query search Engine Normal Confirmed 2013-02-15 - 19:05  
Item7132 Redirect query-string pass-through breaks on URLs containing fragments Engine Normal New 2013-02-05 - 22:37  
Item7031 Can't show TOC of base topic in an include Engine Normal Confirmed 2012-11-13 - 05:48  
Item6930 tambar value does not change on edit Extension EditTablePlugin Normal Confirmed 2012-09-14 - 21:47  
Item6842 Possible bug in the regular expression used in document move Engine rename Normal New 2012-04-24 - 20:22  
Item6862 Anchors not working in FF4 unless Javascript disabled or dummied Engine Normal New 2012-03-19 - 21:39  
Item6855 WYSIWYG Editor reformats code inappropriately Extension WysiwygPlugin Normal New 2012-03-03 - 04:27  
Item6815 Cells for new rows on TagMeChangeRequests appended to last row instead of new row. Extension TagMePlugin Normal New 2011-09-25 - 18:01  
Item5860 RcsWrap error problems can lead to incorrectly locked rcs ,v files Engine Normal Confirmed 2011-08-22 - 21:01  
Item4929 need to work out howto deal with access denied error in rest Engine Normal Confirmed 2011-08-22 - 21:01 TWiki:Main.SvenDowideit
Item6785 Add MAKETEXT to some TWiki.spec messages Engine Normal Confirmed 2011-08-05 - 14:09  
Item6746 Forms keep no longer defined values for select Engine Formfields Normal New 2011-06-17 - 05:45  
Item6744 After login, URL parameters are not restored. Extension TopMenuSkin Normal Confirmed 2011-06-06 - 23:05  
Item6734 Error message during failed attachment delete needs improvement. Engine Normal New 2011-05-27 - 17:35  
Item6710 Run order issue with SetGetPlugin and DBIQueryPlugin Engine Normal New 2011-05-04 - 17:30  
Item6654 LoginManager::Session calls nonexistant CGI method Engine LoginManager Normal New 2011-03-04 - 23:31  
Item6105 Corrupt version history Engine Normal New 2011-02-10 - 20:23  
Item6635 Update links none or skipped when renaming a non-wikiword topic Engine Normal New 2011-01-15 - 16:29  
Item6632 Username from HTTP-Basic-Auth (REMOTE_USER) is used even though TemplateLogin is used Engine Normal New 2011-01-11 - 13:59  
Item6627 Unknown users resolved different in attachments and topics Engine Normal New 2010-12-29 - 23:05  
Item6595 Notifications fail when ALLOWWEBVIEW is used and users follow the example to subscribe Extension MailerContrib Normal New 2010-12-29 - 02:52  
Item6531 loginname shown instead of wikiname Engine LdapContrib Normal New 2010-11-05 - 22:49  
Item6590 Verbatim tag in form field renders page in plain text Engine Normal Confirmed 2010-10-05 - 07:06  
Item6584 does not process user activation after e-mail confirmation success Engine TWikiRegistration Normal New 2010-09-30 - 17:12  
Item6575 META variable parameters dontrecurse and nowebhome does not work with value 'off' Engine Normal Confirmed 2010-08-30 - 21:20  
Item6574 label format and row spanning breaks table editing Extension EditTablePlugin Normal Confirmed 2010-08-30 - 21:15  
Item6566 TWiki::LoginManager should support secure cookies Engine LoginManager Normal New 2010-08-28 - 05:17  
Item6533 Attachment update creates new attachment when local filename not the same Engine Upload Normal New 2010-08-26 - 23:46  
Item6556 using STARTPUBLISH removes headers, defeats sendmail Extension MailerContrib Normal New 2010-08-19 - 18:02  
Item6542 User registration fails to save email in user topic Engine Registration Normal New 2010-08-17 - 06:53  
Item6541 AccessControlException caugth in TWiki::UI generates oops for wrong topic Engine UI Normal New 2010-08-16 - 12:35  
Item6510 forceAuthentication can create invalid URL Engine LoginManager Normal New 2010-08-16 - 12:23  
Item6305 Form field shortening in Formatted Search does not work Engine Normal Confirmed 2010-08-09 - 16:14  
Item6481 Unit Test Cases for multiple file upload Engine Normal Confirmed 2010-06-03 - 14:48  
Item6377 Fixing Test Cases - trunk and release branches Engine Normal New 2010-05-28 - 18:15  
Item6090 Past revisions of topic show current versions of images Engine Normal New 2010-05-25 - 07:28  
Item6006 redirectCgiQuery doesn't handle fragments properly & needs minor tweak Engine TWiki::Func::cgiRedirectQuery Normal New 2010-05-13 - 18:46  
Item6458 d2n not working as expected (Query Search) Engine Normal New 2010-05-11 - 21:35  
Item6456 Linked images should not have dotted underline Extension PatternSkin Normal Confirmed 2010-05-11 - 04:17  
Item6344 Included Editable Tables do not work as expected if Sections are used Extension EditTablePlugin Normal New 2010-05-06 - 18:50  
Item6343 Edit button should refresh page before calculating table contents Extension EditTablePlugin Normal New 2010-05-06 - 18:49  
Item6439 TOC and heading anchors not multi-byte aware (TWiki 5.0) Engine Normal Confirmed 2010-05-02 - 06:51  
Item6219 TablePlugin: Sort ISO dates Extension TablePlugin Normal New 2010-04-25 - 22:11  
Item6387 Files attached to page are given an extra byte Engine Normal Waiting for Feedback 2010-04-12 - 12:32  
Item6421 rdiff DIFFRENDERSTYLE does not work as expected Engine Normal New 2010-04-08 - 22:27  
Item6376 Problem with UserMapping prevents the login of users other than admin Engine Normal New 2010-03-30 - 17:32 ZsoltFelber
Item6152 stand-alone html -> tml conversion broken Extension WysiwygPlugin Normal New 2010-03-03 - 18:20  
Item6394 Opaque error when EDITTABLE encounters a confusing condition Extension EditTablePlugin Normal Confirmed 2010-02-09 - 00:37  
Item6392 TABLE sorting doesn't recognize numbers with commas Extension TablePlugin Normal New 2010-02-03 - 18:51  
Item6388 Rename form topic does not fix topics containing the form Engine Normal New 2010-01-22 - 19:41  
Item6368 Template "expandvariables" expands %EDITTABLE into a <form ... > Engine Normal New 2009-12-04 - 18:11  
Item6361 rename script does not update links even if currentwebonly=on Engine Normal New 2009-11-24 - 13:12  
Item6363 TWiki should DTRT, not require trailing / after subweb name Engine Normal New 2009-11-12 - 17:08  
Item6349 Numeric Lists do not recognize ExplicitNumberingPlugin Engine Normal New 2009-10-15 - 22:56  
Item6337 Undefined subroutine &TWiki::Configure::Item Engine configure Normal New 2009-10-12 - 07:42  
Item6340 JSCalendarContribInline conflicts with Edittable date picker Extension EditTablePlugin Normal New 2009-10-06 - 19:36  
Item6336 Feed shown as changed when not Extension HeadlinesPlugin Normal New 2009-09-30 - 22:29  
Item6323 Protect deleted topic/attachments that had access Engine Normal New 2009-09-24 - 13:29  
Item6327 Unicode character replaced with HTML entity Extension WysiwygPlugin Normal New 2009-09-23 - 15:16  
Item6316 ALLVARIABLES doesn't work as expected for subwebs Engine Normal New 2009-08-30 - 06:08  
Item6269 ApacheLogin triggers TWiki::Users::TWikiUserMapping bugs Engine Normal New 2009-08-25 - 21:31  
Item6311 Summarizing function of WebChanges does not support multi byte characters. Engine Normal Waiting for Feedback 2009-08-24 - 13:24  
Item6303 Broken links result when Interwiki shortcut conflicts with topic name Engine InterwikiPlugin Normal New 2009-08-21 - 15:58  
Item6309 Calendar Plugin forces calendars to stack vertically Engine CalendarPlugin Normal New 2009-08-21 - 15:53  
Item6301 TWiki application in subweb incorrectly looks for template topic in parent web Engine Normal New 2009-08-14 - 16:26  
Item6297 Can't open page in restricted web with Set ALLOWTOPICVIEW = Engine Normal New 2009-08-07 - 18:18  
Item6289 REVINFO needs "relative" revision capability Engine Normal New 2009-07-22 - 17:24  
Item6288 Mailnotify not showing Form Data in Secure Web. (as per Support.SID-00379) Extension MailerContrib Normal New 2009-07-20 - 17:21  
Item6000 changes tracked by loginname not wikiname Engine Normal New 2009-07-13 - 12:30 TWiki:Main.AntonPiatek
Item6151 Mapping of wikiname to RCS fails when email address used as login (cUID to wikiname error?) Engine Normal Confirmed 2009-07-10 - 09:04  
Item6286 Bad Interaction with Screen Reading Software causes data loss Engine Normal New 2009-07-06 - 17:59  
Item6279 Bad syntax in label format confuses EDITTABLE; overrides next format field. Engine Normal New 2009-06-11 - 21:21  
Item6273 "This topic does not exist" page can takes a long time to load Engine Normal New 2009-06-08 - 21:23  
Item6274 Cannot Steal STDERR mod_perl 5.8 Engine Sandbox Normal New 2009-06-06 - 02:19  
Item6268 Explicit links not updated within noautolink blocks after move/rename Engine Normal New 2009-05-20 - 19:03  
Item4320 Action Tracker Plugin Installer untar bug Engine Configure Normal New 2009-05-13 - 23:50  
Item6261 Fix Test Cases Engine Normal New 2009-05-05 - 15:19  
Item6260 Invalid TOC links to WikiWord headings Engine Normal New 2009-05-05 - 07:03  
Item4070 UTF-8 character broken in fixed font text Engine I18N Normal New 2009-05-05 - 06:57  
Item6258 $marker token does not work in format="..." when the web="..." parameter is present Extension TagMePlugin Normal New 2009-05-02 - 00:20  
Item6257 Support include="topic" ala EditTable Extension TablePlugin Normal New 2009-05-01 - 21:24  
Item6249 Adding the NatEditPlugin code to the release repository and testing the functionality of NatSkin Engine NatEditPlugin Normal New 2009-04-13 - 14:41  
Item6218 TablePlugin: Sort negative numbers Extension TablePlugin Normal New 2009-04-09 - 06:09  
Item6241 EditTable removes extra spacing Extension EditTablePlugin Normal New 2009-04-06 - 21:42  
Item6237 header="on" changes header cell contents of working table Extension EditTablePlugin Normal New 2009-04-06 - 15:48  
Item6234 EditTable does not properly support headerrows and footerrows Extension EditTablePlugin Normal New 2009-04-02 - 20:37  
Item6233 (IE only) Using Right mouse button on selected text in TinyMCE makes the page jump to near the top of the page Engine TinyMCEPlugin Normal New 2009-04-02 - 13:53  
Item6165 Unexpected result when link text contains email address Engine Normal Being Worked On 2009-03-28 - 07:14  
Item6166 Bug in MailerContrib renders SubscribePlugin useless Extension MailerContrib Normal New 2009-03-26 - 05:58 SopanShewale
Item6214 I18N. The auto anchor of heading is broken when using all capital WikiWord. Engine View Normal New 2009-03-24 - 03:22  
Item5263 Preview with pickaxe/wysiwyg and Firefox make you loose all you typed when you go back Extension TinyMCEPlugin Normal Confirmed 2009-03-18 - 16:56  
Item6216 The keyword search doesn't support Chinese characters Engine Normal New 2009-03-18 - 16:31  
Item5859 Plugin does not work if using NTLM Extension TinyMCEPlugin Normal Waiting for Feedback 2009-03-09 - 15:38 TWiki:Main.LarsHaarber
Item6197 INCLUDE should accept XML Engine Normal New 2009-03-03 - 02:04  
Item6196 %-encoded characters in URIs Engine Normal New 2009-02-27 - 16:14  
Item5990 WYSIWYG gives fatal error when saving UTF-8/Old editor works Extension WysiwygPlugin Normal New 2009-02-25 - 19:26  
Item6194 Set ALLOWTOPICVIEW = %ALLOWWEBVIEW%, doesn't work as expected Engine Normal New 2009-02-24 - 17:37  
Item5213 SCRIPTNAME not defined when using Sun One Web Server Engine Normal New 2009-01-21 - 01:59  
Item6168 _load on WebNotify.pm extracting TopicName Incorrectly Extension MailerContrib Normal New 2009-01-14 - 21:30  
Item6147 Rare race condition in registration - damaged .htpasswd file Engine Normal New 2009-01-11 - 12:33  
Item6164 Website authentication not retaining login state Engine Normal New 2009-01-11 - 12:24  
Item6155 FORMFIELD does not expand documented attributes and is missing literal tokens Engine RenderDotPm Normal New 2009-01-11 - 12:18  
Item6159 Internal error when including a URL if LWP is not installed Engine Normal New 2008-12-31 - 19:59  
Item6158 Various issues with CGI::Session and LoginManager Engine Normal New 2008-12-24 - 11:55  
Item6156 Error create Web Engine Normal New 2008-12-23 - 21:04  
Item6154 Configure script can't find TWiki lib specified in LocalLib.cfg Engine Normal New 2008-12-21 - 02:21  
Item6149 Error saving TWikiAdminGroup topic with UTF-8 Engine Normal New 2008-12-13 - 17:29  
Item6143 Cookies should have "httponly" parameter, and should change on login/logout Engine Normal New 2008-12-04 - 20:54  
Item6141 Can't reliably save topics with NTLM auth Extension TinyMCEPlugin Normal New 2008-12-04 - 02:50  
Item6128 Login names with dots not working properly Engine Normal New 2008-12-03 - 06:08  
Item6032 moving a topic accross webs destroys its twikiform Engine Normal New 2008-11-25 - 19:55  
Item6008 EditTablePlugin returns to viewauth page after save Engine EditTablePlugin Normal Confirmed 2008-11-25 - 19:50  
Item6132 configure script fails (trunk only) Engine Normal New 2008-11-25 - 08:02  
Item6109 What happened to TWiki::User? Engine SignaturePlugin Normal New 2008-11-23 - 19:10  
Item6122 TablePlugin precedence handling is flawed if a custom css (e.g. from a custom skin) is involved. Extension TablePlugin Normal New 2008-11-10 - 19:33  
Item6013 EDITTABLE breaks TOOLTIP Extension EditTablePlugin Normal New 2008-11-02 - 01:27  
Item6097 Password check system with big problem. Engine Normal Waiting for Feedback 2008-10-27 - 09:19 TWiki:Main.JoaoMadrid
Item5987 relative TOC anchors get prepended with parameters which may trigger a page reload Engine TWiki.pm Normal New 2008-10-26 - 22:10  
Item6096 Variable LANGUAGES and UTF-8 Engine I18N Normal New 2008-10-23 - 13:29  
Item6083 configure hostname warning is case sensitive Engine configure Normal New 2008-10-19 - 04:11  
Item6057 Comment forrm that updates TWikiForm data fails with version control system error Extension CommentPlugin Normal New 2008-10-10 - 23:29  
Item6001 diff cannot be shown if using javascript in topic Engine DiffComponent Normal New 2008-10-05 - 16:24  
Item6029 EditRowPlugin Some Russian chars converted to 'qestion-square' symbol in topic for UTF8 locale Engine EditRowPlugin Normal New 2008-10-01 - 05:57  
Item6023 REST handlers give error instead of redirecting to login topic Engine Normal New 2008-09-28 - 13:41  
Item6025 Twiki encode topic twice to UTF8 for mailresetpassword.tmpl and changeform.tmpl Engine Normal New 2008-09-26 - 11:31  
Item6024 Can't handle comment templates in subwebs Extension CommentPlugin Normal New 2008-09-26 - 04:02  
Item6018 GMTIME{}% does not return the right value for $week in ISO8601 Engine Normal New 2008-09-24 - 14:25  
Item6016 EditTable almost works with Glue (but fails to save content) Extension EditTablePlugin Normal New 2008-09-23 - 21:31  
Item6011 No notifications sent in a protected web Extension MailerContrib Normal New 2008-09-22 - 03:28  
Item5998 Edit in Fixed Width Foont should be default (and buttons are missing) Engine Normal Waiting for Feedback 2008-09-18 - 21:29 TWiki:Main.VickiBrown
Item5964 WebLeftBar menu overlaps page content when using long/hierarchical web names with Internet Explorer 7.0 Extension PatternSkin Normal New 2008-09-16 - 15:04  
Item5988 WYSIWYG editor destroys TWiki:Main/WebHome layout and links Engine Normal New 2008-09-09 - 19:40  
Item5941 nofinalnewline attribute in SEARCH not working Engine Normal New 2008-09-08 - 15:32  
Item5981 Core: links to Windows shares now require three slashes Engine Normal New 2008-09-03 - 22:36  
Item5945 restHandlers need to be able to be called without auth. Engine Normal New 2008-08-21 - 07:15  
Item5944 padding:1px for extareas makes it hard to place the cursor at the begining of a line Engine Normal New 2008-08-20 - 01:08 SvenDowideit
Item5928 solve encoding bug Engine I18N Normal Waiting for Feedback 2008-08-15 - 21:10 TWiki:Main.CfcnAngel
Item5408 TablePlugin not sensitive to URL rewrites Extension TablePlugin Normal Waiting for Feedback 2008-08-11 - 00:08 TWiki:Main.RafaelAlvarez TWiki:Main.ChrisFLewis
Item5913 EditTablePlugin does not update label fields upon save Extension EditTablePlugin Normal New 2008-08-10 - 21:13  
Item5901 reset password should not require access to any TWiki webs. Engine Normal New 2008-08-08 - 13:24  
Item5899 release notes for 4.2.2 Engine Normal New 2008-08-08 - 03:10  
Item5841 Move topic changes non-twiki links Engine Normal New 2008-08-07 - 06:15  
Item5814 Many , tags cause 'save' to spin Engine Normal Waiting for Feedback 2008-08-06 - 20:38 TWiki:Main.JimNissen
Item5891 getPreferenceValue in a tag handler does not get the value of BASEWEB or BASETOPIC Engine Normal New 2008-08-06 - 14:14  
Item5791 Topics using parenthesis in name cause regex errors Engine Core Normal New 2008-08-05 - 16:04  
Item5882 Subwebs don't properly support permissions Engine Normal Waiting for Feedback 2008-08-05 - 05:00 TWiki:Main.VickiBrown
Item5718 SEARCH shows different results depending on limit Engine Normal Waiting for Feedback 2008-08-04 - 04:54 TWiki:Main.SopanShewale
Item5870 Unit tests fail when run by superuser Engine Normal Being Worked On 2008-08-03 - 08:21  
Item5731 TWiki should not convert to HTML within certain tag pairs Engine Normal Waiting for Feedback 2008-08-02 - 17:39 TWiki:Main.VickiBrown
Item5858 WysiwygPlugin needs to be more careful about what it changes Extension WysiwygPlugin Normal New 2008-08-01 - 14:21  
Item5795 Olivier Berger's NMU and translation teams' update to debian 4.1.2 package Engine Normal New 2008-08-01 - 13:20 TWiki:Main.SvenDowideit
Item5856 Item5620: edit window no longer has focus on load Extension TinyMCEPlugin Normal New 2008-07-31 - 08:55 TWiki:Main.CrawfordCurrie
Item5853 PurePerl taint error inspired fix. Engine Normal New 2008-07-31 - 01:53  
Item5848 number of topics resulting from 2 SEARCH's onthe same topic seems in error (and seems to be duplicated too. Engine Normal Waiting for Feedback 2008-07-30 - 05:38 TWiki:Main.SvenDowideit
Item3680 I18N: Sorting does not match locale settings Extension TablePlugin Normal New 2008-07-29 - 19:11  
Item5775 Topic save gives a "connection interrupted" error in Windows Engine Normal Waiting for Feedback 2008-07-29 - 05:51 TWiki:Main.KennethLavrsen
Item5835 BulkRegistration adds a user to .htpasswd, but not their email address Engine BulkRegistration Normal New 2008-07-29 - 02:09  
Item5642 IF seems to be evaluated in the context of the INCLUDEd topic, not the BASETOPIC Engine Normal New 2008-07-28 - 12:06 TWiki:Main.SvenDowideit
Item5704 Performance tuning of HtPasswdUser for large number of users Engine Normal Confirmed 2008-07-28 - 11:04  
Item5825 PasswordTests does not run test_htpasswd_plain and test_htpasswd_md5 Engine Normal New 2008-07-28 - 04:21  
Item5822 follow up from Item5655 - VarMETA should also render info.rev etc Engine Normal New 2008-07-28 - 02:52  
Item882 TWiki::Render::makeTopicSummary breaks UTF-8 Engine I18N Normal New 2008-07-27 - 00:55  
Item4737 Form fields not kept when going back after save failure (Firefox) Extension TinyMCEPlugin Normal Waiting for Feedback 2008-07-26 - 22:11 Mozilla Bug Report
Item5548 Twiki Hangs on Edit or Save of Long Entries Extension WysiwygPlugin Normal Confirmed 2008-07-24 - 20:17  
Item5812 TWiki Text Formatting doesn't work in texareas (forms) Engine Normal Confirmed 2008-07-24 - 13:53 TWiki:Main/SaschaVetter
Item5729 a redirect quits cgi process before finishing the twiki object Engine Normal Waiting for Feedback 2008-07-22 - 06:21 TWiki:Main/MichaelDaum
Item5777 FormattingTests fail if selected charset is not iso-8859-1 Engine UnitTestContrib Normal New 2008-07-14 - 16:16  
Item5773 SEARCH in the topicinfo for author not working well because of non-compatible changes in format Engine Normal Confirmed 2008-07-13 - 12:23  
Item5764 Unit tests for access rights needed to ensure stable performance in future Engine Normal New 2008-07-11 - 10:26  
Item5746 Deny VIEW on changing limit param in SEARCH Engine Normal Waiting for Feedback 2008-07-02 - 20:33 TWiki:Main/KwangErnLiew
Item5742 File attachments with # (pound) not handled correctly Engine View, Attach, Rename, ...others? Normal New 2008-07-01 - 20:59  
Item5485 Attachments containing special characters (e.g. german umlauts: ń ÷ Ř) can not be opened any more Engine I18N Normal Confirmed 2008-06-28 - 07:17 TWiki:Main.MarkusUeberall
Item5566 WikiWords such as VirksomhedskulturĂr° does not work in UTF-8 Engine I18N Normal Confirmed 2008-06-26 - 16:16  
Item5708 Setting the default editor with COMPOSER variable doesn't work as documented Extension PatternSkin Normal New 2008-06-17 - 07:53  
Item5702 The newline eating bug is back again Extension WysiwygPlugin Normal Confirmed 2008-06-16 - 10:57  
Item5700 INCLUDE raw= and literal= options not implemented consistently Engine Normal New 2008-06-13 - 04:20  
Item5661 If form have cyrillic chars in name column can not save data for this row Engine I18N Normal New 2008-06-09 - 07:03  
Item5532 TwistyPlugin has some mean sideeffects. (and some feature ideas) Extension TwistyPlugin Normal New 2008-06-02 - 16:23  
Item5406 Don't let a skin update break existing left bars and top bar Extension PatternSkin Normal New 2008-06-02 - 16:19  
Item5473 Initial value of {TemplatePath} should copy setting of {TemplateDir} Engine ConfigureScript Normal Confirmed 2008-05-27 - 07:29  
Item5644 FINALPREFs seem to not be totally true. Engine Normal Waiting for Feedback 2008-05-21 - 07:28 TWiki:Main.SvenDowideit
Item5637 Webserver must have permission to write to LocalesDir/languages.cache Engine I18N.pm Normal New 2008-05-19 - 09:30  
Item5133 Can't save multibyte char names Engine I18N Normal Confirmed 2008-05-04 - 17:58  
Item5425 Renaming does not take VIEW_TEMPLATE setting into account Engine Normal New 2008-05-03 - 18:58  
Item5489 Tables can no longer be rendered in text area form fields Engine Normal Confirmed 2008-05-01 - 09:39  
Item5351 WebCreateNewTopic filters out international characters Engine WebCreateNewTopic / I18N / PatternSkin Normal Confirmed 2008-04-29 - 17:23  
Item5561 Button names for %EDITPREFERENCES% inconsistent. Engine Normal New 2008-04-22 - 10:40  
Item5557 Multiple js backends for TwistyPlugin Extension TwistyPlugin Normal Waiting for Feedback 2008-04-22 - 03:01 Release Meeting.
Item5553 Topic merge oops message parameters are buggy Engine Merge Normal New 2008-04-22 - 02:56  
Item5515 Translation of time units is stupid Engine Translations Normal New 2008-04-11 - 23:23  
Item5480 TWiki::LoginManager::ApacheLogin doesn't work correctly with auth_kerb Apache module Engine Normal New 2008-04-11 - 12:59 SvenDowideit
Item5522 oops script does not fail gracefully Engine Normal New 2008-04-11 - 09:52  
Item5500 add css classes to actions that require change permission Engine Normal New 2008-04-05 - 05:56  
Item4463 Template Path is wrong for Skin customization using topics Engine Normal New 2008-03-31 - 11:45  
Item4906 Attachment renaming insufficient when filename contains square brackets Engine Normal Confirmed 2008-03-31 - 10:34  
Item5464 ALLOWTOPICRENAME should not apply to attachments Engine Normal New 2008-03-25 - 17:22  
Item5427 TOC is evaluated too early? when written in a template Engine Normal New 2008-03-17 - 23:38  
Item4896 Should email address be mandatory for (bulk) registration Engine Normal New 2008-03-17 - 16:36  
Item5391 Dragging corners of table removes TML markup Extension TinyMCEPlugin Normal Confirmed 2008-03-08 - 08:02  
Item5404 Breadcrumbs do not properly map to subwebs Engine Normal New 2008-03-01 - 13:05  
Item4913 No SMTP TLS support Engine Normal New 2008-02-26 - 19:52  
Item5366 BulkResetPassword confirmation lacks an OK button Extension TWikiUserMappingContrib Normal New 2008-02-14 - 10:28  
Item5350 NONWIKIWORDFLAG is not resolved Engine Normal New 2008-02-13 - 13:21  
Item5322 Plugins randomly disable on InstalledPlugins despite being enabled in configure Engine Normal New 2008-02-08 - 22:03  
Item5323 WebTopBar and WebBottomBar refer to TWiki's Web Extension PatternSkin Normal New 2008-02-06 - 00:45  
Item5305 Last bullet item in form misrendered Engine Normal New 2008-01-30 - 21:11  
Item5304 Inappropriate order of default linking for web/topic names Engine Normal New 2008-01-30 - 17:07  
Item5278 bin/configure install error messages going to Apache error log rather than browser Engine Configure Normal New 2008-01-23 - 14:16  
Item5279 Perl dependencies not checked during manual install of ImagePlugin Engine Normal New 2008-01-22 - 21:33  
Item5277 "Odd number of elements in hash" error installing packages with bin/configure Engine Configure Normal New 2008-01-22 - 21:32  
Item5268 Poor TML table performance for large tables Engine Normal New 2008-01-19 - 00:58  
Item5253 Cannot stop pages created with disallowed characters Engine Normal Confirmed 2008-01-15 - 20:59  
Item5225 setting allowLoginName = 0 AND PAsswordManager = NONE is not valid Engine Users Normal New 2008-01-13 - 23:42  
Item5237 Intermittent blank page issue with IE6 Engine Normal New 2008-01-10 - 17:17  
Item5230 Create a new Topic in UTF8 or in 7bit Character set in Russian - Language is not possible. frown Engine Normal New 2008-01-09 - 16:48  
Item5229 When moving a subweb, the new name field repeats the parent web name Engine Normal New 2008-01-09 - 15:05  
Item5221 Wysiwyg tables, very difficult to get rid of paragraph html tags in table cell Extension TinyMCEPlugin Normal Confirmed 2008-01-09 - 09:41  
Item443 Attached file renamed message too intrusive / not necessary Engine Normal Confirmed 2007-12-22 - 21:34 Someone who cares
Item4784 SEARCH result has an extra separator at the end Engine Normal Confirmed 2007-12-22 - 21:04  
Item5153 TagMePlugin: add multiple tags in one batch Extension TagMePlugin Normal New 2007-12-20 - 14:10  
Item5126 User name to login name mapping is broken if login name contains spaces Extension TWikiUserMappingContrib Normal New 2007-12-19 - 07:47  
Item5015 EditTablePlugin does not support included tables Extension EditTablePlugin Normal New 2007-12-17 - 00:13  
Item5001 noautolink not cleaned up in login screen Engine Normal New 2007-12-16 - 10:18  
Item5125 Table sorting doesn't work if topic name contains an umlaut Extension TablePlugin Normal New 2007-12-13 - 14:19  
Item5045 Saving while networkerror all changes are lost forever Extension TinyMCEPlugin Normal Confirmed 2007-12-10 - 22:30  
Item5101 templatetopic and forms do not understand subwebs Engine Normal New 2007-12-09 - 21:25  
Item4318 Invoking the edit script with "onlynewtopic" set to "on" allows an existing topic to be overwritten if "topic" is lower case. Engine Normal New 2007-11-23 - 07:49 a windows developer
Item4992 Work out how to translate Javascript strings Engine Normal New 2007-11-19 - 22:33  
Item4895 Large help text displayed by default with Opera Extension TwistyContrib Normal Confirmed 2007-10-27 - 09:09  
Item4891 Document in a clear way how to make access restrictions to attachments Engine Documentation Normal Confirmed 2007-10-26 - 19:25  
Item3563 TagMePlugin should honor NOSEARCHALL setting Extension TagMePlugin Normal New 2007-10-24 - 12:58 TWiki:Main.KeithHelfrich
Item4868 Bulk Register fails if Main web is Set ALLOWWEBCHANGE = TWikiAdminGroup Engine Normal New 2007-10-21 - 18:43  
Item4316 Test runs - 4.2.0 on Windows (AS Perl 5.8.8) and OSX Engine UnitTests Normal Confirmed 2007-10-13 - 09:12 Anyone who has an interest in supporting Windows or OSX
Item4687 Wrong path in upgrade note Extension TagMePlugin Normal New 2007-09-20 - 23:49  
Item4672 Parent of topic is not shown correctly if topic name contains brackets Engine Normal New 2007-09-19 - 08:18  
Item4628 Document error in TagMePlugin Extension TagMePlugin Normal New 2007-09-14 - 05:07  
Item4627 TagMePlugin fails to parse Bugs for subwebs Extension TagMePlugin Normal New 2007-09-14 - 04:57  
Item4419 I18N: Non latin characters in field names break forms Engine I18N Normal Confirmed 2007-09-11 - 14:26  
Item4077 Invalid quoted-printable encoding in mail subject lines Engine I18N Normal New 2007-08-23 - 21:55  
Item3679 User with I18N UserName and latin LoginName can not get his password Engine I18N Normal New 2007-06-02 - 07:23  
Item2587 IfStatement breaks when using I18N topic names Engine I18N Normal New 2007-05-27 - 13:18  
Item2045 Can't move topics to non-public webs Engine Normal Confirmed 2007-04-26 - 06:47 Someone to fix it
Item3574 problem with HTML <a> generation for headers with Russian (UTF-8) Engine I18N Normal New 2007-04-15 - 10:02  
Item1986 rest script does not grok contenttype Engine Documentation Normal Confirmed 2007-04-14 - 15:58  
Item983 HIERARCHICAL WEBS: Nested web path not listed fully in breadcrumb Engine Normal New 2006-02-13 - 11:48  
Item970 Singular verbatim tag messes up bug form Engine Normal New 2006-02-13 - 11:44  
Item957 Attachments with spaces: edge case of failure Engine Normal New 2006-02-13 - 11:43  
Item939 TWiki RSS fails Google Desktop Side Bar Web Clips Engine Normal New 2006-02-13 - 11:41  
    Engine: 176
Engine I18N.pm: 1
Engine WebCreateNewTopic / I18N / PatternSkin: 1
Engine (unknown): 1
Engine ACL: 1
Engine AttachDotPm: 1
Engine Authentication: 1
Engine BulkRegistration: 1
Engine CalendarPlugin: 1
Engine Configuration: 2
Engine Configure: 3
Engine ConfigureScript: 1
Engine Core: 2
Engine DiffComponent: 1
Engine Documentation: 4
Engine EditRowPlugin: 1
Engine EditTablePlugin: 1
Engine Formfields: 1
Engine I18N: 14
Engine InterwikiPlugin: 1
Engine LdapContrib: 1
Engine LoginManager: 3
Engine Manage: 1
Engine Merge: 1
Engine NatEditPlugin: 1
Engine Registration: 2
Engine Rename Topic: 1
Engine RenderDotPm: 1
Engine Request.pm: 1
Engine Sandbox: 1
Engine Save: 1
Engine Search: 1
Engine SignaturePlugin: 1
Engine TOC: 1
Engine TWiki.pm: 1
Engine TWiki/UI.pm: 1
Engine TWiki::Func::cgiRedirectQuery: 1
Engine TWiki::Time: 1
Engine TWikiRegistration: 1
Engine TagMePlugin: 1
Engine TinyMCEPlugin: 1
Engine Translations: 1
Engine UI: 1
Engine UIDotPm: 1
Engine UnitTestContrib: 1
Engine UnitTests: 1
Engine Upload: 1
Engine User Registration: 1
Engine Users: 1
Engine VarGROUPS: 1
Engine View: 1
Engine View, Attach, Rename, ...others?: 1
Engine WysiwygPlugin: 1
Engine Documentation: 2
Engine configure: 4
Engine rename: 1
Engine topmenu: 1
Extension CommentPlugin: 3
Extension EditTablePlugin: 14
Extension HeadlinesPlugin: 1
Extension JQueryPlugin: 1
Extension MailerContrib: 6
Extension PatternSkin: 7
Extension SlideShowPlugin: 1
Extension TWikiSheetPlugin: 1
Extension TWikiUserMappingContrib: 3
Extension TablePlugin: 9
Extension TagMePlugin: 9
Extension TinyMCEPlugin: 15
Extension TopMenuSkin: 2
Extension TwistyContrib: 1
Extension TwistyPlugin: 2
Extension WatchlistPlugin: 2
Extension WysiwygPlugin: 11
jpg: 1
Normal: 347
jpeg: 1
Being Worked On: 8
Confirmed: 65
New: 256
Waiting for Feedback: 18
png only: 1

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