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same for edit, too...

adding samples to TestCases web SVN:7487


compare http://develop.twiki.org/~develop/cgi-bin/view/TestCases/SubWeb vs. http://develop.twiki.org/~develop/cgi-bin/view/TestCases/SubWeb/WebHome (which should go to different pages, but in fact both end up in SubWeb.WebHome

even using "tricky" constructs to work around potential url parsing issues don't work, either:


SVN:7517 added Store level tests for this and they worked. so, i'm guessing the problem is related to some sort of url munging. how do i do http-level testing? i started with:

+sub test_url_parameters {
+    my $this = shift;
+    $twiki = new TWiki();
+    my $twikiUserObject = $twiki->{user};
+    my $topicquery = new CGI( {
+       action => 'view',
+       topic => "$webSubWeb/$testTopic",
+       } );
+    $twiki = new TWiki( 'AdminUser', $topicquery );

but i'm not sure where to go from there...


While i also like the idea that SandBox/SomeTopic should not goto SandBox/SomeTopic/WebHome, we might need to consider that it is more consistent to do so frown

without SubWebs, the name of a web automatically links to its WebHome.... surely this should apply in the SubWeb version too? (we need to work out how to move the Existing topic into the subweb, and probably make it the WebHome, thus acheiving a similar result, but possibly in a more consistent manner.

-- SD

the name of a web automatically links to WebHome? hm, let me try... Sandbox hm, that didn't work, i'm not sure what your saying to be consistent with.

even if normal inline WikiWord linking were to continue to take you to WebHome (which maybe it should), i would think these variations wouldn't:

problem is, i can no longer get to the topic at all. so, if things were to continue to link to WebHome, then more code needs to be added to stop people from creating a SubWeb with the same name as an existing topic name (otherwise, they lose access to that topic).


its true that Sandbox does not link - though its a shame, but http://develop.twiki.org/~develop/cgi-bin/view/Sandbox ....

instead of thinking in terms of preventing, i was wanting you to consider the idea that when you create a subweb, and the topic exists, that topic could be moved into the subweb as webhome.

basically, I agree there is a problem, but it would be good to examine a permissive solution, rather than a forbidden solution smile

(fortunatly i'm away for the next 2 weeks, so whatever you do in the end will be correct smile )

-- SD

You need to look at TWiki.pm, lines 1067-1107 for the logic governing the interpretation of URLs. There you will see that if the last element in a path is a web, then the topic is defaulted to WebHome. if you want to change this behaviour when hierarchical webs are in use, you will have to check that the last element is a topic and the second-to-last is a web.

This logic can be tested trivially by defining $query->path_info() before calling $twiki = new TWiki($query), then examining $twiki->{webName} and $twiki->{topicName}.

I just can't see this as urgent. Regrading to Normal.


Fixed in svn 7649. Checks to see that topic exists first before allowing a check to see that subweb exists before munging $web and $topic to be $web=$web/$topic; $topic=WebHome.


OK. Closed.


Summary HIERARCHICAL WEBS: viewing a topic name which is the same name as a subweb results in viewing SubWeb/WebHome instead of SubWeb[.txt]
ReportedBy WillNorris
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Checkins 7487 7517 7518 7519 7649
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