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Item7490: MailInContrib enhancements

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Extension MailInContrib Enhancement Being Worked On   n/a  

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Features by Crawford Currie via Foswiki:

  • Config options moved to Extensions section
  • Force new revision on each submission
  • Extract target topic from CC: field
  • General improvement to rules for extracting the target topic

Features by me:

  • General doc improvements (more user oriented, less technical)
  • Support MAILSUBJECT, MAILFROM, MAILTO, MAILCC and MAILDATE in template definition
  • Change default template to have bullets with Subject, From, To, CC, Date fields of e-mail header


  • Make aware of %COMMENT% so that users can post by filling out the comment box or sending an e-mail
  • Don't post replies in an e-mail thread to avoid clutter: Introduce marker in e-mail where to stop. Or use first > comment as marker?
  • Allow to post to any existing topic, not just WikiWords and ACRONYMS, such as PID-1234, FooProject_Comments

-- TWiki:Main/PeterThoeny - 2014-05-07

I did many more enhancements - from change log:

  • fix bug where user+TopicName@example.com did not work
  • change from GPL v2 to v3
  • fix small bug in date format of MAILISODATE
  • Separate template for image attachments and regular attachments so that images can be embedded
  • properly filter illegal characters from file name
  • add "Attachments:" header to default template
  • fix template bug where TWiki expanded to Main web instead of actual web
  • fix bug where topic template was lost if mail contains attachments
  • support template topic in case mail topic does not exist (templateTopic field in configure)
  • optionally hide quoted text in a TWISTY
  • better log of actions; fix time stamp to avoid race condition
  • support auto-numbered topic names using '$autoinc(0001)' token in configure
  • add attachments flags options in configure; possible to hide attachments
  • possible to link only to attachment without attaching the file
  • rename ATTACHMENTS to MAILATTACHMENTS and keep the former as an undocumented feature
  • fix attachment bug where file size and file date was missing
  • rename TEXT to MAILBODY and keep the former as an undocumented feature
  • new 'post' and 'post2' hashes in configure with 'template', 'web', 'topic' and 'where' fields
  • possible to mail above/below COMMENT in topic; new 'template' and 'where' options in {MailInContrib} configuration
  • possible to use Web+TopicName@example.com and mailbox+Web.TopicName@example.com e-mail format
  • support BCC field in addition to To and CC fields; allow topic names with dashes and underlines such as Bug-1234 and PID-0016_Summary

-- TWiki:Main.PeterThoeny - 2015-04-24

I did some more enhancements:

  • Add TWiki::Contrib::MailInContrib::CharSetFilter to change iso-8859-1, windows-1252, and utf-8 characters into HTML entities, and to preserve newlines as BR-newlines
  • Better display of image attachments
  • Fix bug where user+TopicName@example.com did not work

-- TWiki:Main.PeterThoeny - 2015-05-08

Summary MailInContrib enhancements
ReportedBy TWiki:Main.PeterThoeny
Codebase ~twiki4, 6.0.0
SVN Range TWiki-6.0.1-trunk, Wed, 16 Apr 2014, build 27287
AppliesTo Extension
Component MailInContrib
Priority Enhancement
CurrentState Being Worked On

Checkins TWikirev:27334 TWikirev:27335 TWikirev:27336 TWikirev:27337 TWikirev:27338 TWikirev:27339 TWikirev:27340 TWikirev:27341 TWikirev:27342 TWikirev:27343 TWikirev:27344 TWikirev:27345 TWikirev:27346 TWikirev:27347 TWikirev:27348 TWikirev:27349 TWikirev:27350 TWikirev:27351 TWikirev:27352 TWikirev:27353 TWikirev:27354 TWikirev:27355 TWikirev:27356 TWikirev:27357 TWikirev:27358 TWikirev:27359 TWikirev:27430 TWikirev:27431 TWikirev:27432 TWikirev:27433 TWikirev:27434 TWikirev:27435 TWikirev:27436 TWikirev:27437 TWikirev:27438 TWikirev:27439 TWikirev:27440 TWikirev:27441 TWikirev:27445 TWikirev:27446 TWikirev:27447 TWikirev:27448 TWikirev:27449 TWikirev:27450 TWikirev:27451 TWikirev:27452 TWikirev:27453 TWikirev:27454 TWikirev:27455 TWikirev:27465 TWikirev:27466 TWikirev:27467 TWikirev:27468 TWikirev:27469 TWikirev:27470 TWikirev:27481 TWikirev:27482 TWikirev:27483 TWikirev:27484 TWikirev:27485 TWikirev:27486 TWikirev:27487 TWikirev:27488 TWikirev:27489 TWikirev:27490 TWikirev:27491 TWikirev:27492 TWikirev:27493 TWikirev:27494 TWikirev:27495 TWikirev:27496 TWikirev:27497 TWikirev:27498 TWikirev:27499 TWikirev:27500 TWikirev:27501 TWikirev:27502 TWikirev:27503 TWikirev:27504 TWikirev:27505 TWikirev:27506 TWikirev:27507 TWikirev:27508 TWikirev:27509 TWikirev:27510 TWikirev:27511 TWikirev:27516 TWikirev:27517 TWikirev:27518 TWikirev:27519 TWikirev:27520 TWikirev:27521 TWikirev:27522 TWikirev:27523 TWikirev:27524 TWikirev:27525 TWikirev:27526 TWikirev:27527 TWikirev:27528 TWikirev:27529 TWikirev:27530 TWikirev:27531 TWikirev:27532 TWikirev:27533 TWikirev:27534 TWikirev:27535 TWikirev:27536 TWikirev:27537 TWikirev:27538 TWikirev:27539 TWikirev:27540 TWikirev:27541 TWikirev:27542 TWikirev:27543 TWikirev:27544 TWikirev:27545 TWikirev:27546 TWikirev:27547 TWikirev:27548 TWikirev:27549 TWikirev:27550 TWikirev:27551 TWikirev:27552 TWikirev:27553 TWikirev:27554 TWikirev:27555 TWikirev:27556 TWikirev:27557 TWikirev:27558 TWikirev:27559 TWikirev:27562 TWikirev:27563 TWikirev:27564 TWikirev:27565 TWikirev:27566 TWikirev:27567 TWikirev:27586 TWikirev:27587 TWikirev:27588 TWikirev:27589 TWikirev:28412 TWikirev:28413 TWikirev:29121 TWikirev:29122 TWikirev:29123 TWikirev:29124 TWikirev:29125 TWikirev:29126 TWikirev:29147 TWikirev:29148 TWikirev:29149 TWikirev:29150 TWikirev:29165 TWikirev:29166 TWikirev:29167 TWikirev:29168 TWikirev:29169 TWikirev:29170 TWikirev:29455 TWikirev:29456
TargetRelease n/a

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Topic revision: r163 - 2015-05-08 - PeterThoeny
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