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Item6166: Bug in MailerContrib renders SubscribePlugin useless

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Extension MailerContrib Normal New SopanShewale n/a  

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Site is running TWiki version TWiki-4.2.3, Wed, 06 Aug 2008, build 17396, Plugin API version 1.2

MailerContrib: 17641 (12 Dec 2008)

SubscribePlugin: 13787 (18 May 2007) - in reality, it's 17641 (18 Oct 2008), just wrongly tagged

Trying to view any wiki page, in which we embed %SUBSCRIBE% effects in seeing error page:

TWiki detected an internal error - please check your TWiki logs and webserver logs for more information.

Can't locate object method "_alert" via package "TWiki::Contrib::MailerContrib::WebNotify"

additional info will be provided by Sopan Shewale.

-- TWiki:Main/StanislawKaminski - 13 Jan 2009

The following error is thrown in the warnings.log file

| 08 Jan 2009 - 10:18 | Can't locate object method "_alert" via package "TWiki::Contrib::MailerContrib::WebNotify" at /var/www/twiki/lib/TWiki/Contrib/MailerContrib/WebNotify.pm li
ne 412.
at /var/www/twiki/lib/TWiki/Contrib/MailerContrib/WebNotify.pm line 412
TWiki::Contrib::MailerContrib::WebNotify::_subscribeTopic('TWiki::Contrib::MailerContrib::WebNotify=HASH(0x98396dc)', 'jary@ericpol.pl', 'undef', 'Main.jary', '', 'undef')
called at /var/www/twiki/lib/TWiki/Contrib/MailerContrib.pm line 198
TWiki::Contrib::MailerContrib::parsePageList('TWiki::Contrib::MailerContrib::WebNotify=HASH(0x98396dc)', 'jary@ericpol.pl', ' Main.jary', 'undef') called at /var/www/twiki/
lib/TWiki/Contrib/MailerContrib/WebNotify.pm line 399
TWiki::Contrib::MailerContrib::WebNotify::parsePageSubscriptions('TWiki::Contrib::MailerContrib::WebNotify=HASH(0x98396dc)', 'jary@ericpol.pl', ' Main.jary') called at /var
/www/twiki/lib/TWiki/Contrib/MailerContrib/WebNotify.pm line 376
TWiki::Contrib::MailerContrib::WebNotify::_load('TWiki::Contrib::MailerContrib::WebNotify=HASH(0x98396dc)') called at /var/www/twiki/lib/TWiki/Contrib/MailerContrib/WebNoti
fy.pm line 74
TWiki::Contrib::MailerContrib::WebNotify::new('TWiki::Contrib::MailerContrib::WebNotify', 'TWiki=HASH(0x857d80c)', 'TWiki', 'WebNotify') called at /var/www/twiki/lib/TWiki/
Contrib/MailerContrib.pm line 165
TWiki::Contrib::MailerContrib::_isSubscribedToTopic('HASH(0x9790420)', 'stka', 'undef', 'Main.jary', '', 'undef') called at /var/www/twiki/lib/TWiki/Contrib/MailerContrib.p
m line 198
  TWiki::Contrib::MailerContrib::parsePageList('HASH(0x9790420)', 'stka', 'SubscribePlugin') called at /var/www/twiki/lib/TWiki/Contrib/MailerContrib.pm line 153
TWiki::Contrib::MailerContrib::isSubscribedTo('TWiki', 'stka', 'SubscribePlugin') called at /var/www/twiki/lib/TWiki/Plugins/SubscribePlugin.pm line 72
TWiki::Plugins::SubscribePlugin::_SUBSCRIBE('TWiki=HASH(0x857d80c)', 'TWiki::Attrs=HASH(0x9790468)', 'SubscribePlugin', 'TWiki', 'TWiki::Meta=HASH(0x9105c40)') called at /v
ar/www/twiki/lib/TWiki/Func.pm line 2270
TWiki::Func::__ANON__('TWiki=HASH(0x857d80c)', 'TWiki::Attrs=HASH(0x9790468)', 'SubscribePlugin', 'TWiki', 'TWiki::Meta=HASH(0x9105c40)') called at /var/www/twiki/lib/TWiki
.pm line 2678
TWiki::_expandTagOnTopicRendering('TWiki=HASH(0x857d80c)', 'SUBSCRIBE', 'undef', 'SubscribePlugin', 'TWiki', 'TWiki::Meta=HASH(0x9105c40)') called at /var/www/twiki/lib/TWi
ki.pm line 2592
TWiki::_processTags('TWiki=HASH(0x857d80c)', '<a href="http://wikiring.com"><img src="%ATTACHURL%/logo.gif"...', 'CODE(0x87e6514)', 16, 'SubscribePlugin', 'TWiki', 'TWiki::
Meta=HASH(0x9105c40)') called at /var/www/twiki/lib/TWiki.pm line 2516
TWiki::expandAllTags('TWiki=HASH(0x857d80c)', 'SCALAR(0x87ed4fc)', 'SubscribePlugin', 'TWiki', 'TWiki::Meta=HASH(0x9105c40)') called at /var/www/twiki/lib/TWiki.pm line 287
  TWiki::handleCommonTags('TWiki=HASH(0x857d80c)', '<a href="http://wikiring.com"><img src="%ATTACHURL%/logo.gif"...', 'TWiki', 'SubscribePlugin', 'TWiki::Meta=HASH(0x9105c40
)') called at /var/www/twiki/lib/TWiki/UI/View.pm line 392
TWiki::UI::View::_prepare('<a href="http://wikiring.com"><img src="%ATTACHURL%/logo.gif"...', 'TWiki=HASH(0x857d80c)', 'TWiki', 'SubscribePlugin', 'TWiki::Meta=HASH(0x9105c
40)', 0) called at /var/www/twiki/lib/TWiki/UI/View.pm line 373
TWiki::UI::View::view('TWiki=HASH(0x857d80c)') called at /var/www/twiki/lib/TWiki/UI.pm line 159
TWiki::UI::__ANON__() called at /var/www/twiki/lib/CPAN/lib//Error.pm line 379
eval {...} called at /var/www/twiki/lib/CPAN/lib//Error.pm line 371
Error::subs::try('CODE(0x8566de8)', 'HASH(0x9104d78)') called at /var/www/twiki/lib/TWiki/UI.pm line 197
TWiki::UI::run('CODE(0x86d4b74)', 'view', 1) called

The above installation is using Ldap for authentication database. Looks like, while trying to expand %SUBSCRIBE%, the MailerContrib gets confused over the logged in user with another user which was already subscribed to the Web. The issue seems to be at at

  197     #TODO: refine the $2 regex to be proper web.topic/topic/* style..
    198     while ($spec =~ s/^\s*([+-])?\s*([\w.\*]+)([!?]?)\s*(?:\((\d+)\))?/&{$object->{topicSub}}($object, $who, $unsub        scribe||$1, $2, $3, $4)/e) {
    199         #go

-- TWiki:Main.SopanShewale - 14 Jan 2009

What is the status of this bug?

-- TWiki:Main.PeterThoeny - 26 Mar 2009

Summary Bug in MailerContrib renders SubscribePlugin useless
ReportedBy TWiki:Main.StanislawKaminski
Codebase 4.2.3
SVN Range TWiki-5.0.0, Wed, 22 Oct 2008, build 17677
AppliesTo Extension
Component MailerContrib
Priority Normal
CurrentState New
WaitingFor SopanShewale

TargetRelease n/a

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Topic revision: r4 - 2009-03-26 - PeterThoeny
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