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Experience problems when printing a document in IE6.0 which contains a long portion of verbatim text while Mozilla Firefox does not have that kind of problems?

Although the Printable view looks fine in Internet Explorer browser, but when sending the document to a printer it simply omits lines/text coming from verbatim parts in our document.

I've could find one similar posted question about this issue in Twiki.org :


But the solution proposed overthere is something i cant measure... Is it possible to explain or to write it out more detailed??

We are using the latest Twiki version running: Tue, 04 Jul 2006 build 10807

Could you please upload the raw topic content of the topic you are trying to print, and perhaps a PDF of the print output? (You can use the software from http://www.pdf995.com/ for the purpose, it is free).

If it is easier for you, you are also welcome to create a page in LitterTray which demonstrates the problem.

-- SP


I've experienced the same issues and opened Item2765. Printing the actual bug report will demonstrate, I've attached a PDF file to demonstrate (created using PDF Creator)

-- PaschalNee - 15 Oct 2006

Paschal, could you try out revision 11733? Or check http://twiki4.visiblearea.com/twiki4/bin/view/Sandbox/PrintViewBugTest.


>Paschal, could you try out revision 11733?
I'm not really in a position (time wise or technical experience wise) to install development copies of Twiki.

>Or check
Did this in both PrintView and Normal view. Horizontally (xxxxx xxx...) the text is being truncated (although I think this is the correct behaviour - don't know what else would happen). Vertically the text is printing correctly across two pages. So I guess that fixes the issue.

Out of curiosity what did you fix. CSS?

-- PaschalNee - 17 Oct 2006

Yes, that is the desired behaviour. Yes, an IE style was set to hide vertical overflow, and a different Mozilla style as well.


I am sorry to report that the two checked in fixes has not fixed this problem.

IE still cannot print out the verbatim text. It cuts it at the bottom of the page and the rest is not printed on the next page.

This bug report is relevant to fix also for 4.0.5.


Unfortunately I cannot check this any further here - I only have access to IE 6 in a week when I am back at my workplace.

My hope was on the IE definition in styles.pattern.tmpl (overflow-y removed):

<!--[if IE]>
<style type="text/css">
pre {
   padding-bottom:expression(this.scrollWidth > this.offsetWidth ? 16 : 0);
#patternLeftBarContents li {


I tested it out in LitterTray.PrintVerbatimTest with FF and IE 6.0.2900. Both print verbatim text. IE prints a horizontal scrollbar at the bottom of a wide verbatim text field, which is kind of pointless when you look at a printout. So, actual bug is fixed; would be nice to get rid of scrollbar.

-- PTh

The actual bug is not at all fixed Peter. You seem to have missed the core of the bug report with the LitterTray.PrintVerbatimTest you made. You example was shorter than one page. I have added the same text many times so the verbatim block is longer than 1 page.

Try and look at it with IE and with FF. You need to first look at the Print version and then do a print preview. Then you will see that FF shows the verbatim block correctly. IE. cuts off the end.

FF prints the 3 pages (A4) exactly as you see it on the screen. IE prints the lines before the verbatim block. Then changes to a new page. Print 2/3s of the verbatim block. And cut off the rest so it never gets printed.

You cannot print verbatim blocks that are longer than one page in IE without having the end cut off.

THAT is the bug

The scroll bar is not nice - I agree but that is a secondary thing. The real issue is that you cannot print long verbatim blocks in IE at all. It is probably a bug in IE but that is the browser that 95-99% of corporate users use so we need to find some work-around.


Yes, you are right, but is still there on IE 6.0 on Win, as tested on LitterTray.PrintVerbatimTest:

  • Long verbatim text induces a page break, e.g. first page of PrintVerbatimTest is almost empty (ends with "Testing Bugs.Item2979")
  • Page 2 prints full page of verbatim text (there is more); page 3 prints just text below verbatim text (just the signature), e.g. remaining verbatim text is not printed.

See PrintVerbatimOnIE.pdf, a "print to PDF" output of PrintVerbatimTest on IE 6.0.

-- PTh

Update: IE with the classic print skin prints verbatim text just fine, e.g. no empty space before the verbatim text, and complete verbatim text. How about simplifying the pattern print skin and removing the css for verbatim?

-- PTh

After talking to some of my users it turns out this issue is a greater problem than I thought. Since most users use IE they consistantly have problems printing topics where they have added code examples in verbatim. And since the resolution seems to be simple - remove the CSS that causes the problem, I'll bump it up to urgent so make sure it is fixed in 4.1. I hope that is OK with you Arthur. I do not dare touching the CSS myself. -- KJL



Works great now. My users will be very thankful. Thank you Arthur.


4.1.0 released


Summary PatternSkin: Verbatim Text not completly printing with IE6.0
ReportedBy TWiki:Main.TomWillems
Codebase 4.0.4
SVN Range TWiki-4.1, Sun, 08 Oct 2006, build 10807
AppliesTo Extension
Component PatternSkin
Priority Urgent
CurrentState Closed

Checkins 11733 11737 11920
TargetRelease minor
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PDFpdf Item2765___Bugs___TWiki.pdf r1 manage 10.5 K 2006-10-15 - 21:28 UnknownUser PDF print output - see bottom of page how numbers are cut
PDFpdf PrintVerbatimOnIE.pdf r1 manage 9.4 K 2006-10-20 - 12:52 PeterThoeny Print verbatim on IE
Compressed Zip archivezip PrintView.zip r1 manage 22.2 K 2006-10-17 - 00:50 UnknownUser PDFs of http://twiki4.visiblearea.com/twiki4/bin/view/Sandbox/PrintViewBugTest.
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