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as I've been using BuildContrib on http://twiki.org/cgi-bin/view/Plugins/SoapClientPlugin i've just noticed that it sends up and clobbers the TOPICINFO for the topic, and view blindly and dumbly trusts that info (history diff is not quite so dumb).

massive ew.

need to remove any TOPICINFO's from the svn based topic before sending it to the server.

However. this is also a bug in TWiki Core - Save should not be so trusting, as it allows the user to corrupt the store.

This is both a Core and BuildContrib bug - but the Core issue is much more important.

META:TOPICINFO duplicates data which is already stored in RCS. When you don't have a version control system, it is required, but when you do, it is just trouble.

We should:

  1. Move all handling of META::TOPICINFO into the specific store implementation
  2. Stop writing it for topics stored in RCS, or if that is too unpalatable, make sure it is updated from the RCS info immediately before saving.

If it did this, then BuildContrib would work just fine (as would everything else).

BuildContrib is fixed to remove META:TOPICINFO from topics, but the broader problem remains.


This is currently a ReleaseBlocker.

To me it sounds like the urgent part is fixed now, remaining part should be discussed in Codev / TWiki:Codev.WhatIsIn04x01?

-- SP

I don't believe it is a release blocker, it has been the case for several releases now. But it is a systemic problem that needs to be fixed. Regraded to Normal, reset to Actioning.


I strongly diasgree with the idea of removing the META:TOPICINFO from the topic, it acts as a cache and avoids the need to read the rcs file just to get the topic info. We can't decrease the TWiki performance further.

What needs to be fixed by this Item2680 is to get rid of the unwanted reprev="1.2" parameters in META:TOPICINFO.

-- PTh

Just reading the code, it looks like someone put the reprev parameter in by purpose, apparently needed for the conflict resolution logic.

So the only open fix item I see here is to make sure that the TOPIC:INFO (aka cache) is updated based on the actual rcs info, and not on the old TOPIC:INFO meta data.

-- PTh

As you surmised the reprev is relevant to conflict resolution only and doesn't apply to this problem.

You are agreeing with my "(2) if that is too unpalatable..." proposal above. This is needed urgently, to address Item3454 and Item3216 as well as this item, so I am upping the priority to Urgent.

See also Item3216 which must be tested when this is fixed.


Please note that the problem with Build script goofing up META:TOPICINFO is a 4.0.2 problem.

It is not present in 4.1.0

Try yourself. Pick a sandbox topic that has many revisions. Edit it and paste in this.

Here I could have written something intelligent. But I didn't!

Do it on TWiki.org and do it on your 4.1 TWiki. And you should see that on twiki.org the revision is now 1. And on 4.1 the revision is same or one higher depending on when you edited the topic last.

It gets even better

Here I could have written something intelligent. But I didn't!

Result on twiki.org: topic is locked with an error. You have to delRev out of it. Only an admin can do this.

On 4.1. The form meta is ignored.

Anything else that needs to get fixed from this bug item?

Closing. Reopen if you disagree.


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