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The afterEditHandler is called inconsistently, which makes a beforeEditHandler / afterEditHandler pair asymmetric, e.g. content can't be changed and reverted in a consistent way.

To reproduce:

  • Create a test plugin
  • in beforeEditHandler add this: $_[0] =~ s/_FOO_/_BAR_/go;
  • in afterEditHandler add this: $_[0] =~ s/_BAR_/_FOO_/go;
  • Create a test topic with _FOO_ in it
  • Edit topic
  • You see _BAR_ instead of _FOO_ (as expected)
  • Hit preview
  • You see _FOO_ again (as expected)
  • Hit save
  • Topic text contains _FOO_ (as expected)
  • Edit topic again
  • You see _BAR_ instead of _FOO_ (as expected)
  • Hit save
  • Topic text contains _BAR_ (this is a bug)

-- PTh

This is a partial fix that calls afterEditHandler also in save:

--- TWiki/UI/Save.pm    (revision 10838)
+++ TWiki/UI/Save.pm    (working copy)
@@ -457,6 +457,8 @@
     my( $newMeta, $newText, $saveOpts, $merged ) =
       TWiki::UI::Save::buildNewTopic($session, 'save');

+    $session->{plugins}->afterEditHandler( $newText, $topic, $web );
     try {
         $store->saveTopic( $user, $web, $topic,
                            $newText, $newMeta, $saveOpts );

This is checked in TWiki 4 (10846) and DEVELOP (10847)

This is a partial fix because a edit / preview / save cycle does now a beforeEditHandler / afterEditHandler / afterEditHandler instead of just a beforeEditHandler / afterEditHandler. The save after a preview needs to omit the afterEditHandler call since it has already been done in preview.

Any idea how to detect that save is called from preview not edit, so that the afterEditHandler call can be made conditionally?

-- PTh

i don't think there is any existing way to do that.

Are you sure this approach is the right solution though? I left the function of the afterEditHandler where it was (in preview), because by moving it to save, you are assuming a save is a result of an edit, which it may not be. Simply duplicating the callpoint of the beforeSaveHandler is effectively what you have done, and probably not what you wanted to do. You have to consider all the following scenarios:

  1. Checkpoint saves
  2. Save invoked from preview
  3. REST saves
  4. Save after edit
You only actually want to invoke an afterEditHandler on 1. and 4.


I already checked 1 and 4, they work just fine. Problem is 2, it needs to be treated specially to avoid a double call. I carefully read the code, it is solid except for the one case.

If there is no easy eay to detect if save is called via preview we need to add an extra hidden parameter to preview template for save to identify the case. I'd like to avoid that since it is fragile and depends on skins.

-- PTh

I agree there is currently (after checkins) a problem with

  • 3) - only one "last half" is applied there
  • 2) - "last half" is applied twice.

I suppose afterEditHandler need to be aware of "state" in some sense, but instead of adding a state variable perhaps it is enough to look at current/referring binary and act on the combination (i.e. something like this):

Current binary Referring binary Action
preview edit Apply handler logic (preview)
save preview No action (save after preview)
save edit Apply handler logic (checkpoint save, standard save)
save other or n/a No action (REST?)

-- SP

I investigated the query parameters. Based on those I fixed the code so that afterEditHandler is called exactly once for preview/save, checkpoint, and direct save action. TWiki does now a proper beforeEditHandler / afterEditHandler roundtrip.

cmd=repRev and delRev do not call the beforeEditHandler / afterEditHandler as expected.

Also tested with classic skin.

SVN 10882.

-- PTh

Closed in 4.0.5 KJL

Summary afterEditHandler only called by preview, not save
ReportedBy TWiki:Main.PeterThoeny
Codebase ~twiki4
SVN Range Thu, 29 Jun 2006 build 10750
AppliesTo Engine

Priority Normal
CurrentState Closed

Checkins 10846 10847 10882
TargetRelease patch
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Topic revision: r13 - 2006-11-14 - KennethLavrsen
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