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Raised in Item1331: to make the header image variable similar to the logo variable, HEADERART should be renamed to WEBHEADERIMAGE (with a site-wide variable named WIKIHEADERIMAGE).

This makes it possible to set a site-wide header image by writing in TWikiPreferences: Set WEBHEADERIMAGE = WIKIHEADERIMAGE.

The same naming convention goes for HEADERBGCOLOR to change to WEBHEADERBGCOLOR.


I think this is overkill. The header bg image is intended to be used for the whole iste, not per web.

-- PTh

as it's a regular TWiki variable, it can be used site-wide, per web, or on individual topics.


actually, i intended to have different header art for different webs---definitely not site-wide (but either scenario is supported)


Different logos per web on the same header art? Bet it will be a support issue if we don't offer the flexibility. I admit this is adding complexity, but not more than putting it all in css.


different logos or different header art? (of course, both are supported atm, and would take extra work to remove that flexibility)


IMHO header art per web is supported, but not site-wide header art. My renaming proposal would make both possible. It looks that I can take actioning steps...


doesn't defining the HEADERART variables in TWikiPreferences (or better, TWikiPreferences) make it work site-wide (admittedly, i haven't tried this yet...)

btw, i'd prefer that you don't rename the HEADERART part to HEADERIMAGE (i find the latter much less colourful and header art is what people say doing those graphics). but, i'll live with whatever you do call it smile


You are right. But I still would prefer to solve this in a similar way as the logo. WEBLOGOIMG ~ WEBHEADERART / WIKILOGOIMG ~ WIKILOGOART.


um, WIKILOGIIMG and WEBLOGOIMG have nothing to do with each other; WEBLOGOIMG is used in the header (whether it's defined site-wide, or changed per web); whereas WIKILOGOIMG goes with the TOOL* variables and is used when representing the logo for TWiki (the wiki tool) itself. for example, it's used on TWiki.WebHome

  • Formally perhaps. But WIKILOGOIMG serves to set a site-wide logo. There will be situations that some webs will have their own logo and header art, and other webs the default site-wide header art. If I create a new web, and want to use the site-wide header art, I could do that by setting the WEBHEADERART to the WIKIHEADERART. --AC

    • or better yet, have it set in Main.TWikiPreferences, and do nothing if you want a new web to have the same as the one that is site-wide. you'd only have to make a new entry if you want to change it. -- WN


This is NOT, repeat NOT, header art, or images for webs.

It is for Patternskin. Only for PatternSkin. Look at the sizes.

When I produce header art for my sites it works with any and all skins available on my sites, not just with PatterSkin.

I've raised this matter before. Its not rocket science to have larger, more widely usable images and crop or offset them.

You guys are so busy arging about the name you're ignoring the functionality.

-- AJA

um, no we're not---the size has nothing to do with the functionality, please don't try to subvert this bug entry into one about sizes. -- WN

I don't see the problem Anton. Nowhere is the size specified. With css you only set the image as background of a div. So with another skin with lots of room for the header art, you just attach a large image. Nothing changes to the code.

I don't want to choose (or create) an image that is so universal that it will fit all existing and future skins.


anoton, please don't confuse the issues. this bug has nothing to do with sizes; this is about the variable name. this is purely about the functionality which has no connection to sizes. this has nothing to do with ExampleHeaderArtContrib (which atm, is only big enough for PatternSkin, mostly due to time pressure; perhaps eventually i'll recut the images to make them able to work for either PatternSkin or NatSkin (or any other skin that uses the HEADERART variable))


SVN 8332. The prefs are set in TWikiPreferences.


ReportedBy ArthurClemens

SVN Range Tue, 10 Jan 2006 build 8208
AppliesTo Engine

Priority Urgent
CurrentState Closed

Checkins 8332
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